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Rendering Provider Enrollment Options

Create a New Application

Please enter your e-mail address and click Create.

Enroll Using Copy

If you have already completed the enrollment process, you may copy a previously completed enrollment application for use as a new enrollment application. Enter your E-mail address and Reference # and click Enroll Using Copy to get a copy of an enrollment application you've previously completed as a new enrollment application.

Recall Your Existing Application

To recall an application that you have partially completed or submitted, enter both your
e-mail address and the reference number and click Recall.

Forgotten Your Reference Number

If you have forgotten your reference number, enter your e-mail address below and click Submit. The address you submit will be validated against the one on file for you, and your reference number will be sent to that address.


For assistance, contact the Montana Access to Health Web Portal Help Center at 1-800-624-3958

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