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Department of Public Health and Human Services
Montana Access to Health Web Portal

Search for a Montana Healthcare Provider

  1. Enter any combination of the provider's type, specialty, last name, first name, city, state, zip code or county. In order to select more than one type, specialty or county single click the first then select more by holding the CTRL key and clicking more. Select a range by holding down the SHIFT key when above or below items already selected.
  2. Click the SEARCH button.
  3. If you make a mistake, click the CLEAR ALL button and start again.
      * Denotes a required field.

NOTE: To search for Passport/Medicaid
provider, select "Passport" in the "Provider Type" select box.

NOTE: To maximize search results leave Specialty blank.





NOTE: Search by county is only available on Montana providers.



For assistance, contact the Montana Access to Health Web Portal Help Center at 1-800-624-3958.

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